How to Choose Your Guitar

How to Choose Your Guitar

One of the most important parts of a guitar is the comfort that the neck provides, in addition to other details that you must take into account when buying a guitar:
In the arm area:

1.- That the arm is without noticeable deformities
2.- It must not have amendments of any kind
3.- The frets must be aligned (preferably look at them laterally to the guitar)
4.- It must have a slight curvature seen from the side (as if the frets were a rail with a slight curve)
5.- In the area of ​​the machinery there should be no breaks no matter how light they seem

When I say machinery I mean the part of the pegs where the strings go to tune them.

1.- It must turn smoothly, that is, if it gets stuck anywhere
2.- The bases must be fixed to the wood
3.- The pins must be at the same height and separation
4.- They must not be rusty or with detached chrome parts
Union of the Arm with the body

1.- If the guitar has two pieces (arm and body) there should be no play between the pieces.
2.- The wood must not have cracks in the area of ​​the screws.
3. The screws must not have play between them.
guitar body

1.- The body must not have visible breaks
2.- If it has peeling, they should not reach the wood area
3. The tone and volume holes must be made in the middle of the potentiometer.
4.- The pins of the Thali must not have any play or rotate on their axis. That would be easy to fix but preferably without previous wear