Maybe you always wanted to play a certain instrument but never had the time until now? Perhaps you took music lessons years ago as a child and intended to pick them up again? Perhaps you are a professional preparing for upcoming auditions or recording sessions?

For all those young people and adults who want to seriously venture into professional music training. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to seriously study music!
We have different levels from those who start from scratch to those who we have trained here who are already potential musicians.

The training we give them has the highest quality standards.
In them, discipline, constant study and dedication will be essential for achieving the high expectations that the school will ask of them, achieving the best result that each person can achieve and always respecting the speed and learning characteristics of each student.

Our adult programs at BL Music Academy are designed for adults of all ages, all levels of musical proficiency, including beginners, and for all musical instruments taught at our school. You can choose between individual and group classes, as well as fun classes for couples, dad/mom and son.

Our music teachers select special methods designed for adults and customize the program to your individual musical goals. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase a solo performance or jam with other musicians at our regular annual recital or special events scheduled for adults only.

For further Information you can call us at Phone: (305) 429-0140 or send us an email filling out the form below.