Our ballet program is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of correct classical ballet technique.

Students are encouraged to embrace the beauty and discipline of this traditional dance style in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment. Our Ballet program embraces a wide range of ballet methods and influences, to enable your child to become the best and most well rounded ballet dancer possible.

All classes offer a unique curriculum and are designed to provide consistency based on traditional classical ballet.


In any field, obviously including dance, it takes more than 10 hours to acquire basic knowledge, 100 hours to have a medium level, 1,000 hours to be able to be a specialist in the discipline, and about 10,000 hours to be able to be a clear expert in the matter

– Exercise coordination, agility of movement and balance. – Collaborates in muscle development and the shape of the spine. – Helps the development of psychomotricity, agility and coordination of movements. – Improves balance and reflexes

Call 1 (786) 612-0376 and our friendly and knowledgeable dance consultants will answer any questions you may have. It’s easy to join our academy family: in just a few minutes we can enroll you in the monthly ballet program of your choice.

We do not have long-term contracts, and you can always terminate your contract before the 15th of each month.