Contemporary dance emerges as a reaction to classical forms and probably as a need to express oneself more freely with the body.

It is a dance class in which it is sought to transmit, through the dancer, an idea, a feeling, an emotion, danced barefoot and working hard on improvisation.

Its origin dates back to the end of the 19th century. In the beginning, an alternative to the strict technique of classical ballet was sought.


Contemporary dance can be practiced by all kinds of people, especially those who have the sensitivity to do a very internal body expression work, going through floor work, even improvising alone or in a group, allowing the development of a wonderful level of sensitivity in the student.

As always, each teacher, to each style of dance, grants his personal experience in each class, this dance has nothing established, in my classes we work the route through the entire body and space, going through a postural and technical placement that will take us to the floor. to work the weight of the body taken to its maximum expression, at the same time we work oppositions and dissociations that we will apply in the choreographic phrasing of the center and diagonals.

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