Classical or popular acoustic guitar lessons, for young children and adults, taught by professional teachers who will teach you to play this instrument with technique and style, quickly and fun.

The guitar is an instrument suitable for any age and at BLMA we help you either to start your process or develop your skills.

Our program is visual, auditory and practical where the student will be able to follow each teaching and thus be able to interpret the musical pieces of their liking from the first class.

Thanks to our method, our teachers involve the student in an appropriate and pleasant way in a progressive process where, while studying their favorite song, they learn and explore all the technical and theoretical capabilities that this wonderful instrument offers us.

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    Starting with the first guitar lesson, we customize the program for each student based on stage of development, unique abilities, individual learning styles, and musical goals.

    Students can choose the length of their weekly classes based on teacher recommendation and individual personal needs.

    Students can choose between 30 min., 45 min. and 60 min. Individual weekly classes. Each class contains elements of music theory, guitar technique, ear training, sight reading, music history, solo and ensemble guitar performance.

    Our guitar students are introduced to various musical genres and perform the popular music pieces they love. We provide numerous opportunities for our students to perform at events throughout the year.

    Our events are very organized and a lot of fun.

    We pride ourselves on our beautiful facility equipped with acoustic guitars , which are regularly maintained and tuned for your enjoyment during your classes and practice sessions.

    As professionals, we always encourage children and adult students to learn with good acoustic instruments.

    In this case, some of our beginning students buy a cheap guitar as a temporary solution.

    Other students prefer the convenience of a temporary rental program option available at our store.

    However, others come to the Academy to practice before or after their scheduled guitar lessons. The practice rooms are free for all of our enrolled students.

    Call 1 (786) 612-0376 and our friendly and knowledgeable music consultants will answer any questions you may have. It’s easy to join our musical family: in just a few minutes we can enroll you in the monthly piano program of your choice.

    We do not have long-term contracts, and you can always terminate your contract before the 15th of each month.