Children are introduced to a comprehensive system that addresses all of their learning and development needs through music and dancing.

They approach the formal instruments and know their methodological foundations, develop their wonderful voices in all their splendor, manage musical signs and enjoy beautiful music, all this in a playful environment full of cognitive challenges that excite and favor them.

We have programs for everyone, from the smallest from 1 to 3 years accompanied by an adult (parents or grandparents) whose objective is to promote the cognitive development of the student, their rhythm and coordination and that they learn to share and interact with other children.

For children up to 7 years old we have awareness and initiation classes. These are music and dancing classes aimed at nurturing the student’s interest in music, helping them find the form of art through which they express themselves best.
Through games, activities and auditions we promote learning that mixes efficiency and fun. Classes include an introduction to music theory and rhythms and the development of analytical listening to music.

From the age of 8 on, we have an elementary level program, in which the work of the previous stages is continued, with the aim of helping the student master the main techniques in the chosen form of art, subject techniques and musical knowledge. you need both theoretically and practically.

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    Tanto en casas privadas como en instituciones privadas y gubernamentales

    A Traves de una plataforma de e-learning

    En los locales de la Academia frente a profesores, apoyados con metodos interactivos (Tabletas) para el desarrollo de habilidades de aprendizaje remoto.

    Combinaciones de cualquiera de las opciones mencionadas anteriormente a conveniencia de los partcipantes.