Our private classes are designed for the specific needs of each student in English or Spanish, for children or adults of any age.

Private classes are a good complement to group classes. You can take a couple of private classes if you feel like you’ve fallen a bit behind in the group classes and want to catch up. If you feel that you are advancing faster than the rest of the group and would like to advance with a couple more challenges, you can do it in a couple of private classes. Perhaps you are interested in working on a specific technique or song in a personalized way. It does not matter if you take only one or several private classes, this is an option to study exactly what interests you. Private classes are available in 60 min ($75) sessions.

For further Information you can contact us the following way.

Call us at (305) 429-0140 or write to us using the for below to make an appointment and coordinate the site.

After agreeing on a time and location, make your payment here to confirm your class.

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