At BL Music Academy we have made an effort to create a singing program designed to develop different musical abilities in our students. The class includes breathing exercises, vocal technique, and performance.

Level 1 Preparation

This class is designed for people of all ages, with different singing experiences. The objective of this level is to impart a correct execution technique in each of the students based on the special characteristics of each voice.

Level 2 Assembly

This is an advanced class for people who have had experience in vocal technique and want to go deeper into performance. In this class, different songs in different genres are worked on, which are later edited and produced live.

We have also prepared our online singing course for beginners where you can learn step by step from home the best techniques to start singing professionally. The course includes vocalization mp3 audios for each tessitura so that they can vocalize from anywhere. The course includes example face-to-face classes where I give feedback to a student.


If when you sing you feel tension in your neck, shoulders, jaw
You cannot open your mouth freely when you sing.
Your tongue tenses up a lot when you sing.
You cannot move your neck sideways when you sing.
You start to raise your eyebrows a lot depending on which high notes.

It is almost impossible to predict how long a person needs to learn to sing as it depends on many factors. The average is around two years, working hard at home and with a good teacher.

Call 1 (786) 612-0376 and our friendly and knowledgeable music consultants will answer any questions you may have. It’s easy to join our musical family: in just a few minutes we can enroll you in the monthly singing program of your choice.

We do not have long-term contracts, and you can always terminate your contract before the 15th of each month.