Carlos Caceres

Carlos Caceres was born on October 28, 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from a very young age he had an inclination for music, he began playing the guitar in a self-taught way at the age of 4 and began recording at the age of 13 in recording studios in Argentina At that age Carlos began recording as a guitarist, pianist and drummer and percussionist.

Due to his musical abilities, he began to record in many recording studios, and began to be interested in sound engineering and began to operate in recordings in a self-taught way.

At that time, Carlos was already handling instruments like a professional such as drums and percussion, bass, piano and keyboards, guitar being his main instrument, at the age of 16 he entered the Julian Aguirre Conservatory, interested in learning to read music, in that Conservatory is where he perfects himself as a classical music guitarist, he also studies piano and singing.

After years of study he begins to study jazz and blues in a self-taught way a, that gave him a deeper spectrum of Music in general, getting to record with musicians in Buenos Aires.

In 2001 he entered with 18 Years to be part of his first rock band called-Time Fulfilled-playing in Festivals, and leaving on cable channels on TV, at the same time he began studying sound and music production at Sylvester Studios in Buenos Aires with sound engineers Martin Ruso and Jorge Steinberger.


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