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In 1994 he began his career as a guitarist and singer of the prestigious children’s group “Ismaelillo” from the province of Cienfuegos, in which he completed his training as a pianist and arranger of the same accumulating the experience that for 8 years served him to create the fourth generation. of “Ishmaelillo”.

He formed the new members of the fifth generation of the children’s group, leaving a mark within the important social project. Before leaving for Havana, he was part of groups such as “José Miguel y subalance” directed by the important Cuban musician, former member of Irakere.

In the year 2003 he began the work of musical direction, composer and arranger of the orchestra “Merecedes y su aché”. Composing with his talent a part of the repertoire that they perform today. That same year he joined the group Cubanos en la red as a singer and arranger. In approximately 1 year and a half of stay in said group, he changed all the repertoire that would serve to make a national tour and a CD signed with TCI rapens inc. With the title “Del montuno al reggaeton” where he experimented for the first time as a music producer.

In 2004 he began his career as director of the salsa fusion group “La Formula” with whom he had his debut at the closing party of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, sharing the stage with Pupy y los que son son. For reasons of professional and personal ambition, he began to dedicate his time to develop intensely as a music producer and also his work as a soloist first and then forming a duo whose repertoire is fundamentally dedicated to reggaeton, as well as ballads and rap.

Como productor cuenta en su haber trabajos para agrupaciones como: Eddy-K, Gente de Zona, Energía Total y Acento Latino. Como experiencia más importante firmó con sony music su trabajo para un figure con Eddy-K, La Freska, Bases llenas y Yulien (ex percusionista y cantante de la Charanga Habanera) en los estudios EGREM. Además de otras experiencias con importantes músicos que se han unido al reggaeton como experimento de éxito como Pachito Alonso y Mario Rivera.


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