Why study music?

Learning to play an instrument generates several benefits that can make you a successful person. Know in this note the reasons!

“We are musical creatures in an innate way from the depths of our nature”, in the words of Stefan Koelsch, psychologist and neuroscientist. “Music is a succession of acoustic signals that our ears collect and send to the brain”, according to the same expert. There, they are decoded and given meaning. There is a transformation of a sound into an understandable “something”.

By learning to play a musical instrument and read sheet music you are improving your brain power.

  • A study shows that people who learn music are more successful throughout their lives.
  • Studying music will make you, for example, more skilled in subjects like math.

Mastering an instrument can be hard work, but it is very rewarding for your brain and will give you the tools to be successful in all aspects of your life. Read on to find out why music education is so important.

Learning the “technique”, you enjoy the Art much more.

The sense of hearing is multiplied so that you can appreciate each and every one of the ideas that participate in the “piece of music”. It doesn’t matter if it’s Classical or Modern music. When a piece of music moves you, don’t you get goosebumps? This excitement is multiplied when you learn to play an instrument. Well, performing a song, either alone or with more musicians, is to find HAPPINESS.

Don’t we want to be happy?

Music also helps develop intelligence, memory, spatial vision, motor skills, perseverance, improvement… But I’ll write about this another day.

Therefore, the answer is “YES”. I want my daughters not to miss out on these experiences, which will be unique in their lives. And they will remain in your memory forever.

To finish, I will tell you which are my favorite pieces and I recommend some articles that I find interesting. I hope you like them!