Ktaxon Digital Piano 88-Key


Action Electric Piano with 3-Pedal Unit, Double Bluetooth, Split/Touch/Transpose Control Functions(White)

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­čÄ╣SUPERIOR SOUND: The full-size keyboard piano has built-in two 10W Stereo Speakers that make sound lines more full and delicate and overtones richer. Adopts the high-quality dream sound source, this digital piano has 64 Polyphony/ 20 Demo Songs/ 128 Rhythm/ 128 Timbre
­čÄ╣3 PEDAL UNIT: Soft pedal-Soften the tone; Sustain pedal-Continuously increasing lengths of sustained notes, from slight to full; Sostenuto pedal-Press the pedal halfway down to get a partial damper effect.
­čÄ╣STRONG FUCTION: Our digital piano features dual Bluetooth, Audio Bluetooth, and MIDI Bluetooth, which connect a computer or tablet with a USB cable for multimedia interaction. The split/touch control functions the keyboard into two 44-key electric pianos to support double play and a wider range.
­čÄ╣EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP: This electric piano simulates the heavy hammering mechanism of actual triangular piano for more real touch and stronger rebound. The breakthrough record/play function not only can records the mistakes and defects of the practice but also can record the beautiful moments.
­čÄ╣HUMANIZED DESIGN: The touch/transpose function of the 88-key piano allows beginners more simple and more convenient to play songs in different tones in one location. It not only can be connected to speakers to achieve more shocking sound effects but also can be connected to headphones to enjoy your music world.


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