Aliette Neyra

Since late 2023, I’ve had the privilege of actively participating in the exciting project of the BL Music & Art Academy, where I’ve not only served as CEO but also been involved in developing and implementing the Music Therapy program for children with special characteristics on the autism spectrum. This experience has been truly enriching and significant, allowing me to merge my passion for music, art, and healthcare to provide comprehensive support to a community in real need.

As CEO of the Academy, my responsibility is to provide strong strategic direction, lead multidisciplinary teams, and ensure compliance with institutional objectives. Additionally, my background as a registered nurse and my commitment to excellence in patient care have provided me with a unique perspective to address challenges related to healthcare and the well-being of our students.

In collaboration with Blessed Pediatric Care, a center renowned for its commitment to excellence in pediatric care, we’ve been able to establish innovative programs that combine medical care with artistic and musical therapy. My focus is on leading these collaborations, ensuring that compassionate, family-centered care is provided to patients while utilizing a combination of evidence-based strategies and multidisciplinary approaches to enhance their overall well-being.

My goal as CEO and registered nurse is to provide inspirational leadership, foster innovation in healthcare service delivery, and promote an environment where the personal and professional growth of all involved in our community is encouraged. I’m excited about future opportunities to continue making a significant difference in the lives of others through my work in healthcare and artistic and musical education.

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